On to Macaroon party

Call it a party, a small gathering, a talk-alcohol-free-bash … At the end of the day it will be the ultimate fashionable home festival! 


Get them from the local bakery, or do them from scratch … You’re ON to some new Macaroon! Make your own taste, color and flavor! Here is the basis for a delicious chocolate one:


Macaroons are a pure perfection on a plate. Beautiful, tasty and simply fantastic, and can be eaten by people with gluten allergy, cause they are made from almond flour!

Party-ideas-macaroon-dessert-tea-colorful-sweet-fashionable-gathering-event-10 Party-ideas-macaroon-dessert-tea-colorful-sweet-fashionable-gathering-event-5 Party-ideas-macaroon-dessert-tea-colorful-sweet-fashionable-gathering-event-6 Party-ideas-macaroon-dessert-tea-colorful-sweet-fashionable-gathering-event-7 Party-ideas-macaroon-dessert-tea-colorful-sweet-fashionable-gathering-event-8 Party-ideas-macaroon-dessert-tea-colorful-sweet-fashionable-gathering-event-1 Party-ideas-macaroon-dessert-tea-colorful-sweet-fashionable-gathering-event-2 Party-ideas-macaroon-dessert-tea-colorful-sweet-fashionable-gathering-event-3

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