Saint Helena


Saint Helena, named after Saint Helena of Constantinople, is a tropical island of volcanic origin (though volcanic activity on the island is now extinct), located on the Africa continent; in the South Atlantic Ocean, about midway between South America and Africa. 


The town is “sandwiched” between steep cliffs, which form the James Valley. It’s rather long, with tightly knit and winding streets. The island’s population is mixed European, Asian and African descent and the official language is English.

The capital Jamestown was found in 1659. It has examples of Georgian architecture, built out of local volcanic rock. Town-Saint-Helena-Jamestown-tourism-places-to-visit-amazing-world-Napoleon-tomb-1

The island is especially famous because of Napoleon Bonaparte, who was exiled here after his defeat battle of Waterloo in 1815, and died here six years later, in 1821.

Saint Helena is one of the most remote islands in the world, since you can travel there by ship. This is soon about to change, cause of the expected opening of its first airport in 2015, financed by the British government.

Here are some incredible pictures taken from the island, that might trigger you to pack up and visit this amazing place.

Town-Saint-Helena-Jamestown-tourism-places-to-visit-amazing-world-1 Town-Saint-Helena-Jamestown-tourism-places-to-visit-amazing-world-3 Town-Saint-Helena-Jamestown-tourism-places-to-visit-amazing-world-5 Town-Saint-Helena-Jamestown-tourism-places-to-visit-amazing-world-7 Town-Saint-Helena-Jamestown-tourism-places-to-visit-amazing-world-8 Town-Saint-Helena-Jamestown-tourism-places-to-visit-amazing-world-9

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