How about having a Life TO DO list hanging on your wall, reminding you everyday of your wishes and desires in life! Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it! Here is a quite interesting example of how it might look like:

1. Dance Argentinian tango – on the streets of Argentina;argentina-tango

2. Smoke Cuban cigars – in Cuba;

3. Cook lunch with Jamie Oliver;

4. Drink fine Italian wine in Rome

5. Surf on waves

6. Walk through the woods of Malaysia, truly Asia

7. Perform a bungee jump

cooking-with-jamie-oliver8. Drink a cocktail with Beyonce

9. Antonio Banderas telling me: “Is this a break-up”

10. Dance hip hop with Usher

11. Gamble in Vegas

12. Enjoy the colorful glamorous performances on the Carnival in Rio

13. Have bratwurst & beer on the Oktoberfest in Germany

14. Experience happiness on a rainy day in Britain  … … …


Seems like traveling & enjoying the company of some exquisite people are the highlights of this wish list!

What are your wishes? What would you like to experience in this lifetime that is happening here & now? Make the list and make sure you fulfill it, every last one of it!

It’s only life happening!

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