“52 Things I LOVE about You”

When you give presents, the most important thing is to be given STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART! This time dare to do something different, something that will last more than a lifetime. DO IT YOURSELF!

All you need is one deck of cards, positive thoughts and let LOVE show you the way …


Small but BIG GIFT!


There are plenty of reasons for love … like:

52-things-i-love-about-you-deck-cards-DIY-gift-do-it-yourself-creative-unique-present-5 52-things-i-love-about-you-deck-cards-DIY-gift-do-it-yourself-creative-unique-present-7 52-things-i-love-about-you-deck-cards-DIY-gift-do-it-yourself-creative-unique-present-6 52-things-i-love-about-you-deck-cards-DIY-gift-do-it-yourself-creative-unique-present-8

What are your reasons? Be creative!


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