Make your own CHOCOLATE bouquet


You know you can get this beautiful arrangement from the local shop, but how about doing it your way, your favorite sweets rapped in a colored paper chosen by you. Make it fabulous, make it unforgettable – simply spectacular!


Here is what you need:

- scissors;
- crepe paper (green and pink or a color you wish);
- a cutter;
- chocolate (preferably circular);
- gold thread;
- sticks for the stems;
- glue;
- foil or gold paper.


The process goes like this:

First you need to wrap the chocolate with the gold foil and then secure it with the gold thread. For the petals you will need 2 squares of pink crepe paper for each flower. Overlap them and then fold once to cut the upper corner of the opening, in a round shape. Place the wrapped chocolate on the prepared petals, cover them up and secure with the gold thread. For the flower stalks you need to prepare a couple of squares of green crepe paper, cut out some long triangles at the top, and glue them on the bottom. Attach the sticks by placing a strip of green paper over it and fix it with glue. Repeat this process for as many flowers you’ll like to have in the bouquet. With every single “flower” you’ll see the magic happening in front of your eyes. Have fun!


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