Naughty bachelorette cupcakes

Bachelorette party – “Naughty” gifts, sweets, decorations … Are these things still IN? Is Mr.BIG still in the picture? Seems like yes!


But what’s actually the meaning of Mr.BIG here, there & everywhere? Why are women praising his existence at that actual party? Why is the feeling of being naughty so expressed? Hmmm what’s missing here …

bachelorette_party-cupcakes-ideas-new-trends-in-sweets-dirty-minded-desserts-6 bachelorette_party-cupcakes-ideas-new-trends-in-sweets-dirty-minded-desserts-5 bachelorette_party-cupcakes-ideas-new-trends-in-sweets-dirty-minded-desserts-7 bachelorette_party-cupcakes-ideas-new-trends-in-sweets-dirty-minded-desserts-2 bachelorette_party-cupcakes-ideas-new-trends-in-sweets-dirty-minded-desserts-10  bachelorette_party-cupcakes-ideas-new-trends-in-sweets-dirty-minded-desserts-4 bachelorette_party-cupcakes-ideas-new-trends-in-sweets-dirty-minded-desserts-1

Cause the Bride to be is saying goodbye to the single days, not to Mr.BIG! Oh, maybe is like saying GOODBYE to ALL other Mr.BIG’s  … Ahhh that’s the point my friends! Well it’s all about taste and trend! How long this trend will last, we’re about to see!

Either way Brides to be, have fun at your party … We all know Roxanne did!


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