I am the BOSS!

Remember #BanBossy campaign? If yes, Repetition is the mother of learning”; if not, then listen carefully!


This campaign wants to teach and encourage girls to aspire and grow into leaders with no fears of being labeled as “pushy” “stubborn” or even “BOSSY”. It’s called AMBITIOUS, not the other way around!


If you are the “gentler sex” that doesn’t mean that you cannot be the “gentler leader sex”. Don’t be afraid to stand up for self. Who you’re confronting with, except another person – a human being! If you have the ambition, mixed with education and skills, then who can stop you to pursue your dreams? Exactly! NOBODY! 

Don’t prove your worth to others, just bite and take the stairs to the top!


Beyonce said it well … now repeat after me: I’m not bossy. I’M THE BOSS!

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