Is JLo the new Miley?

Oh this MotherF****** ASS trend! It got JLo too!

Ok, so JLo was sold out! Not literally, only partly! Her ASS is sold out! BIG TIME!

Why would a legend, as big as Jennifer Lopez do a step like that? What does she have to prove? She couldn’t do it other way so she started taking lessons from Miley now? Somebody has to take something out, right! Let Miley’s tongue hang, and now JLo’s booty ‘rac tac tang’! Is that the recipe to enjoy the top in Music?

JLo’s listeners and fans enjoy her as she is, a pop goddess, dance mogul and an ageless womаn!

She once wrote and set the trends and standards in music and now she follows! Check for yourself, here is the new video of BOOTY featuring JLo & Iggy Azalia’s ASSes:


Don’t sell … EXCEL! 

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