Hello day – Monday! What’s on TO DO LIST for today? Lots of stuff hah … Everything can be done easier with a smile! So today, and every other day – start and end with a smile. 

1. SMILE is contagious! It spreads like disease. Imagine positive mood and smiley faces all around you! Well, isn’t that the world that you wanna live in? It can start anywhere, so how about today you be the initiator! Bring joy, spread happiness, inspire smiles!


2. SMILE brings people together! Still single? Well, that might be cause you still haven’t put your perfect “make-up” on for today! YOUR SMILE! Put it on, you have nothing to loose. Shine that bright smile and see the magic happening! Friendship & Love makes life beautiful! 


3. SMILE is FREE! No money can buy a sincere smile. So smile more often! The smile comes from the hearth, not from the wallet!


Smile makes you attractive and changes your mood. It relieves stress and boosts your immune system. It also lowers your blood pressure and releases Endorphin’s, natural pain killers and Serotonin. Oh yeah, it lifts your face and makes you look younger!

Still need more explanations and reasons to smile? Aaahhhh COME ON! Put that gorgeous smile of yours and GET OUT there! Dazzle and prepare to be dazzled! 

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