Autumn is here!

The summer is officially over. Still, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t continue the celebration … AUTUMN is HERE! The season full with colors, spreading the wind of love, painting our life with sensation and passion.

Every season has it’s own beauty.

For the spring is the gentle breeze,

while the summer brings the sunny tease.

Winter caresses us with the tender snowy show,

and in between is the romantic Autumn glow.

How do You experience autumn? But, before answering that question, let us remind you of what’s about to happen in the nature:

first-day-of-autumn-weather-for-all-love-season-2 first-day-of-autumn-weather-for-all-love-season-3 first-day-of-autumn-weather-for-all-love-season-4 first-day-of-autumn-weather-for-all-love-season-5 first-day-of-autumn-weather-for-all-love-season-7  first-day-of-autumn-weather-for-all-love-season-10 first-day-of-autumn-weather-for-all-love-season-11

It smells like romance, long walks in the park, talking under the sun and enjoying the Autumn fun! WELCOME AUTUMN!


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