Most amazing FOUNTAINS worldwide

Every state has it’s own landmark that is famous & fabulous for. Some have big bridges & high buildings, others have extravagance and luxury and some are just spectacular! Look what happens when water & imagination creates pure art! 

Here are some of the most beautiful fountains world wide:

The DUBAI Fountain, United Arab Emirates 

Dubai Fountain as seen from Burj Khalifa, Dubai UAE

Constructed for nearly $220 million, the majestic Dubai Fountain is an attraction you must experience. The brilliant array of lights, the dancing water and the playing music sets the right mood and creates pure enjoyment.

The TREVI Fountain in Rome, Italy


Rome means romance. Just look at the amazing Trevi Fountain and right away you’ll get captivated by the combination of ornate sculptures and cascading water. Breathtaking place ..

The Moonlight Rainbow Fountain in Seoul, South Korea


Located on the Banpo bridge lies the colorful and vibrant Moonlight Rainbow Fountain. Thousands of stunning LED nozzles give the fountain its striking colors and astonishing view.

The Floating Fountains in Osaka, Japan


This magical Floating Fountain is a masterpiece of the imaginative designer Isamu Noguci. It contains several structures that appear to be floating in air at staggering heights.

The Fountain of Wealth at Suntec City Mall, Singapore 

Fountain of Wealth Singapore

The Guinness Book of World Records documents the Fountain of Wealth as the largest fountain in the world. People can collect coins from the perimeter of the fountain for good luck as well as to watch the dramatic laser shows.

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