Snoop Dogg vs Iggy Azalea


Is Snoop Dog becoming a woman hater? Why is he hating the magnificent Iggy Azalea?

  Is it because the two G’s in their names … I mean Iggy .. Doggy .. who  knows.. Here is what he posted on his Instagram:

iggy-azalea-snoop-dogg-feud-celebrity-war-2 iggy-azalea-snoop-dogg-feud-celebrity-war-1


Oh there is more … Yeah, he’s trowing hard balls too … But enough with him, here is her reaction:


Well, who’s the big man now? The question is when does a man attack a woman this hard? What happened? Did she hurt his doggy ego?

Hmmm … mistery. But hey, she is rocking that mic and stage wherever she goes so he can be mad to infinity.. She still will fire up the stage!

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