We can not see it, but it’s all around us.

We can not touch it, but it overwhelms us.

We can not find it, but it’s finding us.

We love LOVE!

We are love creatures.

Love brought us to this world.

But what is LOVE ?

Love is paradox, just as humans are.

Love is imaginary, but it’s the realest thing that grows in us.

Love is sweet, but it can be the most bitter thing that exists.

Love is tender, but we love it when it’s tough.

Love is simple, but it’s the most complex mixture.

Love is happiness, but it produces the toughest tears.

Love hurts, but it heels to.

Love is pure, but it can be so dirty.

Love is unconditional, and yet it sets so much conditions.

Love is freedom, but it’s the biggest commitment of all.

Love is trust, but it’s the source of jealousy.

Love is fire, but it can be cold as ice.

Love is easy, but sometimes it can be so hard.

Love is beauty, but it comes together with the beast.

We live for love & Love lives through us.

Love is life.

By B

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