Tattoos 4 INFINITY


Tattoos last a lifetime. Before getting the infinity ink on your body, make sure about the mark you’re about to add. Since is for eternity make it an infinity! Romantics used it to represent eternal, unconditional love and the desire for something to last forever.

Here are some awesome infinity tattoos that might do the work:

amazing-infinity-tattoo-unique-art-10 amazing-infinity-tattoo-unique-art-11 amazing-infinity-tattoo-unique-art-15 amazing-infinity-tattoo-unique-art-14 amazing-infinity-tattoo-unique-art-16 amazing-infinity-tattoo-unique-art-17 amazing-infinity-tattoo-unique-art-12amazing-infinity-tattoo-unique-art-13 amazing-infinity-tattoo-unique-art-7 amazing-infinity-tattoo-unique-art-8 amazing-infinity-tattoo-unique-art-6 amazing-infinity-tattoo-unique-art-4 amazing-infinity-tattoo-unique-art-1 amazing-infinity-tattoo-unique-art-3

And yeah … Somebody wants to spend infinity with a delicious pizza slice …


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