Imagine a world without …

Just try to imagine how the world would look like without these 3 “phenomenons”. We picked them cause they have a great deal in our life’s. Imagine a world without:

1. Social Networks 

In a world without Social Networks people will actually have to go out and speak to each other, face to face. Sounds scary ??? No more fake profiles and wasted time? Instead on the computer people would be more on fresh air ???

Not everybody will see what you eat, where you sleep and you’ll actually have some privacy? Hmmm … just imagine. Instead of admiring of someones photos, you’ll be creating your own memories. Instead of living other peoples life, you’ll actually live your own! Try it, you might as well succeed.


2. Religion

Imagine a world where there is only one magnificent power, called God, in who we trust. In order to be a good person, you need to be HUMAN first. By that we mean being honest, respectful, patient, loyal, tolerant, reliably, kind, just being GOOD!

Is there other things that religions seek out from people, or these are the things that they preach and stand up for? We are all human after all, right? Why separated, when we can be united!


3. Politics

Imagine a world without borders. World without crime. World without wars. Ronald Reagan once said: “You can’t be for big Government, big taxes, and big bureaucracy, and still be for the little guy”.

In this world the main leader will be love, followed by happiness, joined by friendship, good will and PEACE!


just imagine …

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