Beach of LOVE


Once a bomb testing place, and now a spectacular tourist attraction. We present you the Beach of Love …

hidden-beach-of-love-Marieta-island-Mexico-explore-the-world-lifepopper-fun-stuff-4In the early 1990s, the Mexican Government began testing their own bombs on a group of islands, called Marieta Islands, located only a few miles off Mexico‘s coast. instead of leaving a mark of devastation, those bombs had created a place far behind the scenery of war and chaos.

The Marieta Islands in Puerto Vallarta are group of small uninhabited islands only a few miles off the coast of Nayarit, Mexico. The Mexican’s bomb testing left something amazing behind.


This hidden beach is called Playa De Amor or “Beach of Love”. Simply lovely. Hidden from the eyes of the rest of the world, intimate and comfy for the true explorers and adventurists, where you’ll be enlightened by the softly sandy beach and the crystal clear water.

Visitors choose this amazing place in order to enjoy the scenery of the beach, although it’s not easy to reach it, since they have to swim through a small tunnel, or by rock climbing and dropping from the top of the rock. Intriguing enough?


The Islands are a Natural Reserve protected by the Mexican Government, so visitors must have a permit to visit the Marieta Islands.

Other dashing side of it is that visitors have many opportunities to interact with the beautiful creatures, including humpback whales, dolphins and manta rays, since the wildlife is relatively undisturbed on this place.


It’s nature’s way of telling people that nature is for art, enjoyment, relaxation and life, and not for demolition! She gives us beauty where we planted bombs, she brings us sensation where we brought destruction. Lets love nature as she loves us! 

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