The Enchanted River


Hinatuan River is located near Surigao del Sur, Mindanao (The southernmost island of the Philippines). It’s called “The Enchanted River” due to the believe that it was not wise to swim there after dark because the spirits watcher over the river. There is also other explanation or believe that it’s called like that cause of the fact that the salt water miraculously flow without any visible source.

We would say that is Enchanted cause we fell charmed by it’s mesmerizing beauty. 

Hinatuan-Enchanted-river-Mindanao-islands-in-the-Philippines-lifepopper-intrigue-explore-nature-3 Hinatuan-Enchanted-river-Mindanao-islands-in-the-Philippines-lifepopper-intrigue-explore-nature-2

Everyday at noon, tourists have to get out of the river and a bell is rung. Then the staff at the resort sprinkle fish food into the river and large schools of fish seem to appear out of nowhere to feed for an hour. Then they disappear again. Sounds dazzling, right …

Hinatuan-Enchanted-river-Mindanao-islands-in-the-Philippines-lifepopper-intrigue-explore-nature-5Hinatuan-Enchanted-river-Mindanao-islands-in-the-Philippines-lifepopper-intrigue-explore-nature-11 Hinatuan-Enchanted-river-Mindanao-islands-in-the-Philippines-lifepopper-intrigue-explore-nature-7 Hinatuan-Enchanted-river-Mindanao-islands-in-the-Philippines-lifepopper-intrigue-explore-nature-6 Hinatuan-Enchanted-river-Mindanao-islands-in-the-Philippines-lifepopper-intrigue-explore-nature-1

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