Christmas NAIL Art

Ai ai ai it’s Christmas and i don’t know what to do … Oh we do, Ricky Martin (you know his song right?). We’ll do some awesome Christmas nail art design! Get in the mood, make them shine, make them unique and stylish … The most fun & loving moments are coming! Enjoy!

Christmas-nail-art-design-lifepopper-holiday-fashion-style-25 Christmas-nail-art-design-lifepopper-holiday-fashion-style-22 Christmas-nail-art-design-lifepopper-holiday-fashion-style-19 Christmas-nail-art-design-lifepopper-holiday-fashion-style-18 Christmas-nail-art-design-lifepopper-holiday-fashion-style-12 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Christmas-nail-art-design-lifepopper-holiday-fashion-style-10 Christmas-nail-art-design-lifepopper-holiday-fashion-style-9 Christmas-nail-art-design-lifepopper-holiday-fashion-style-8 ??????????????????????????????? Christmas-nail-art-design-lifepopper-holiday-fashion-style-13

Still haven’t picked a favorite … Go to next page for some more ..

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