Bacon & Egg Cupcake


Feels like funky cupcake yummyness! The ultimate old-timer bacon & eggs for breakfast with a twist! Check it and make it:

For a start par-cook the bacon and let it cool and drain on a few paper towels.


Take few pieces of bacon and cover the bottom of the cupcake holder. Then crack an egg into each prepared cupcake holder and bake them in a 350 degree preheated oven for 20 minutes.


You can also add some goat or cheddar cheese to the top before baking. Or how about placing a small piece of toast as a base of the cupcake, and Voila - bacon&egg toast cupcake! Variations are always up to you! Have fun!

breakfast_cupcakes-bacon-and-egg-creative-food-art-lifepopper-1 breakfast_cupcakes-bacon-and-egg-creative-food-art-lifepopper-2

Bon Appetite! 

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