A very MERRY Christmas Carol

merry christmas

Tonight is the day

when all you can eat you may

when down goes the sun, it’s time for some family fun.

So sit your ass and prepare, cause the feast is about to be there.


Bring the turkey, grab a plate

sip some gravy, be a mate.

Don’t go easy on the veggies

fill them up as well as your glass

time to eat up with some class.

Prepare to cheer, laugh and share

its family time, no jokes to spare.

Feel the magic, let the spirit in

fill up another plate, tonight its not a sin.

Raise your glassesMerry-Christmas-holiday-family-fun-time-lifepopper-food-magic-gathering-4

make a toast

cheer up for life,

family, love and God

cause that’s what life’s about.

So have a blast

cause it’s Christmas at last.

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