Ok, so PIZZA can take any shapes and forms and we’re ok with that. Pizza can be stuffed with any types of fillings as we can imagine, right? But sometimes, just sometimes our imagination can go too fare … Or doesn’t it?

1. PIZZA CONES – Well, we do love ice-cream, don’t we? So we’ll give it a green card, cause it’s creativity ..

Pizza-unusual-burger-bizzare-food-porn-lifepopper-fun-time-2 Pizza-unusual-burger-bizzare-food-porn-lifepopper-fun-time-5

2. PIZZA MIZZA – Rice pizza .. ok, so we love rice too, but hey, why don’t we let the rice in it’s comfort zone, with the vegetables, chicken, see food etc. Lets not make a mess with everything. We give it a yellow card, cause of the nutrition facts!


3. PIZZA BURGER – Red flag, red flag … pulling out the RED CARD! Just stop! Hitting the roof (and heart) with calories unlimited! Leave the burger out of this mess!

Pizza-unusual-burger-bizzare-food-porn-lifepopper-fun-time-3 Pizza-unusual-burger-bizzare-food-porn-lifepopper-fun-time-4

Don’t let me start with the macaroni pizza or pizza fries please! We say YES to innovations and creativity in general, but leave our PIZZA alone! 

Dedicated to all REAL pizza lovers!


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