Story called “Year 2014″

Here is an idea.. Get your friends together and make a STORY-TELLING 2014 PARTY! Sharing is caring! I promise you an amazing time! In meantime here is my story … at least a part of it:

The very start yellt “SURPRISE”! All 3 of them with my loved ones: 2 bling bling engagement rings and 1 baby on the way! (I’m the one with both hands in the air .. I’m free :)))


LIFEPOPPER is BORN! Wohoooooo !!!!


Hip Hop had a BIG DEAL with it … Especially with my dance students – Alegrandosi! So proud … Mix of TV presentation & emotional competitions! Pure love mixed with tears, lots of smiles and DANCE at the most!

Before-the-new-beginning-happy-new-year-love-friends-family-lifepopper-fun-8 Before-the-new-beginning-happy-new-year-love-friends-family-lifepopper-fun-14

Sharing successes with the family! My brother became “El Capitán” of a prestigious monden place - “DejaVu” – You go bro! 


Biking … Talking … The stories in our eyes!


The SHOW must go ON! Recreating MJ’s “Thriller” … ‘Prima Danza’ ZOMBIES … Grrrrrrrrrr!

Before-the-new-beginning-happy-new-year-love-friends-family-lifepopper-fun-12 Before-the-new-beginning-happy-new-year-love-friends-family-lifepopper-fun-22

With my Man & the fear in his eyes! He must be thinking: “Who the hell am I dating?” :))))


… and then came Wedding no.1!  The American style one! Friends + Fun = LIFE TO REMEMBER! 


I had the honor to meat Maia, my brothers lovely wife! You can feel these honest smiles, don’t you?


OH YEAH! Time for THE BOYZ!!! Lets HIP HOP!


You and me PUFTI!


You and me …


Drums please … Bridesmaids coming through! THE TEAM! 

Before-the-new-beginning-happy-new-year-love-friends-family-lifepopper-fun-19 Before-the-new-beginning-happy-new-year-love-friends-family-lifepopper-fun-17

More celebrations & proud moments were to come … Graduation of my man & The Master of my bestie!

Before-the-new-beginning-happy-new-year-love-friends-family-lifepopper-fun-18 Before-the-new-beginning-happy-new-year-love-friends-family-lifepopper-fun-16

JUMP JUMP! My besties wedding day is ON! This picture says it ALL! Wedding no.2 is on the way.. the DAY we’ll never forget!


It’s all about keeping the tradition! NOKAUT is a MUST!


Ahhh my dear friends, it’s been a great year! Full of surprises, tears and happiness, love and joy!

At the end it sums up to moments we share together, happy and sad, good or bad; cause that’s what life’s about! I thank you ALL for being a great part of my 2014 and hope that you’ll be even more present in 2015 cause we have SO MUCH to do together in future!

One friend once said: “One day baby we’ll be old … and think of all the stories that we’ve could have told!” – as the song right! We’ll that’s what my dear Lifepopper’s I’m trying to say: LIVE NOW – LIVE TODAY! Don’t dream your life, instead, LIVE YOUR DREAMS!

LET 2015 be THE year! 


It’s just LIFE happening – NOW!


With Love from Bibce – Ripce!

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