Modern Fairytale: The Good, Bad and Ugly!


In a little town, somewhere in this beautiful world lived a girl. She was no ordinary girl, oh no. She was a Princess in the kingdom called ‘Her Heart’. She had everything, from family to friends, from wealth to happiness. The only thing she was missing was love, TRUE LOVE.

So one day she left the castle, or ‘her comfort zone’, and went into an adventure in the unknown, searching for THE ONE!


And she found him. He wasn’t the one, but he sure was number one. Tall, handsome, full of understanding, worthy to fill in the shoes of a prince and to become the King of her kingdom. She found Mr. GOOD! They were happy, glowing like the sun, jumping up and down. They were in love. But, one day the love ended. You ask what happened … He was good and she was a girl, that happened!


So the journey continued. The cliche came true. In every girl’s life there is one Mr. BAD, and so he showed up in this story as well. She was truly, madly, deeply in love with the bad ass motherf****r! Why did she adore the badness .. who knows. Maybe cause the good didn’t fill in the shoes, she thought that the bad might do the work. And she was wrong. Strike two!

Conclusion no.1: Which one is better? From girls perspective: Neither! Can’t they be a little from both? Ah girls, cant live with them … and cant understand them! So why try doing the impossible. Just accept them as they are, enigmatic & ultimate paradox!

Back to the story … She was determined to find her Prince, so she continued her path. In the search for the Prince on white horse, sometimes the Horse might get in the way! Just let it gallop away!


Behind seven mountains and seven seas, laid a little pond with a small frog in it. The princess was charmed by the, by the … well, by the greenish skin of the frog, cause it actually matched her brain color, and she gave it the kiss of love. Mr. UGLY was born! The world was in shock! The princess has finally found her Prince! Nobody accepted their love, and nobody actually understood it, except them two! But … there is always a but …

Conclusion no.2: People don’t change! Good will always be good, bad will remain bad, and a frog will always be … well you know the answer.

The kiss lost it’s magic and the frog was back to it’s pond.

And so the story continues, just as life. What were you expecting, Mr. BIG maybe. This is a not just another ‘Sex and the City’ story, come on!

Conclusion no.3: Never give up on love! Enjoy it’s beauty in all forms and shapes, cause that’s why life is worth living! To LIVE means to LOVE &  LOVE brings LIFE!

END of part 1 

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