Prepare for Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day is coming. Your lover might say that (s)he wants nothing, but trust me when I say that ‘that’ nothing better be “something”! Conclusion: Nothing is not a option! Spread LOVE, share gifts from heart, be gentle and generous, loving and respecting through the whole year, but on this day, use some ‘more’ imagination and create perfection! From plain to excellence ..

Here are 3 steps that will add that magical sparkle to your relationship:

FOR HERStep 1: Breakfast in bed! Just throw in some french toast, fresh juice, coffee and the inevitable RED ROSE! The smell of coffee, flowers and love will galvanize the day.


FOR HIMStep 2: Make a LOVE card! Something that he’ll carry with him every moment of his life.. Something that will warm his heart when he sees it and will bring smile when he thinks of it .. How about “52 Things I LOVE about You”.. And yeah, put it on his favorite beverage … like his beloved beer.


FOR HER & HIMStep 3: Night is ON, Fun is IN! Let the romance begin. Aphrodisiac dinner, wine and candles, sexy underwear, flirt, passion … Erotic, Exotic, Explosion!

 Start with naive …


Do the Pamper …

romantic dinner

Be Affectionate …


and Seduce!


LOVE and BE LOVED! Today, tomorrow and every other day for the rest of your life!

Cause that’s what life is ALL about …

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