Not that the clothes are not fabulous, but sometimes, or lets rephrase it, ALWAYS its about the attitude that the person wearing them is bringing that special energy that enlightens the room … whenever that person walks in … Greenish or not, RIRI has that impressive power to lighten up!

 She literally owns those clothes and certainly not vice versa. She greened the iHeart Radio Awards with this Versace ensemble: 

Rihanna-goes-green-in-Versace-fashion-statement-street-cute-art-celebrity-style-2 Rihanna-goes-green-in-Versace-fashion-statement-street-cute-art-celebrity-style-1 Rihanna-goes-green-in-Versace-fashion-statement-street-cute-art-celebrity-style-3

And something from her green past:

World Music Awards 2007 - ArrivalsRihanna-goes-green-in-Versace-fashion-statement-street-cute-art-celebrity-style-8 Rihanna-goes-green-in-Versace-fashion-statement-street-cute-art-celebrity-style-7


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