Curvy Khloe goes Complex

Khloe Kardashian made some incredible hot shoots for the August/September issue of Complex magazine. She showed of her curvy body, for which she’s working her ass off and still doesn’t feel comfortable in. We’ll say daaaaaaaaaaamn Khloe you look F***ING PHENOMENAL!!! You invest time and sweat in your workouts and that shows off pretty well!

Keep on the good work and continue to inspire people all around the world with your positive attitude, exquisite dedication and hard work.

khloe-kardashian-poses-complex-magazine-curvy-celebrity-looking-hot-fit-7 khloe-kardashian-poses-complex-magazine-curvy-celebrity-looking-hot-fit-1 khloe-kardashian-poses-complex-magazine-curvy-celebrity-looking-hot-fit-2  khloe-kardashian-poses-complex-magazine-curvy-celebrity-looking-hot-fit-6  khloe-kardashian-poses-complex-magazine-curvy-celebrity-looking-hot-fit-3  khloe-kardashian-poses-complex-magazine-curvy-celebrity-looking-hot-fit-5 khloe-kardashian-poses-complex-magazine-curvy-celebrity-looking-hot-fit-4

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