Is Kylie’s marriage just an intro of a new reality show?

She’s about to turn 18, got her graduation degree so the next step is marriage?? Well you know how they say Youthfulness = Craziness! That certainly applies for the teenage reality star Kylie Jenner that flashes a new diamond ring on ‘the’ finger. The new information’s that follow are that the couple wants to do a televised ‘fairytale’ wedding. Hmmm sounds somehow familiar …


We have some doubts about this … in terms of:

  • Is Tyga up for the challenge … I mean who can break the Kanye’s all-time-wedding-show that he performed for Kim?
  • At age of 17 (in a week she’ll be 18), Kylie has her life more than gettered around, but is she thinking of the example she is giving to the young population all around the world?
  • Are we up to a new K-show … “Just Kylie”?


At the end looks like we deffinetely are up to a new reality show! That’s how they built they empire right! Now it’s time for the Youngsters to Keep the Kardashians UP, I mean to keep the tradition up … Time will show!

We wish them best of luck!

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