Kelly and the Karma

What goes around comes always back around. As we all know, sometimes our mouths, and tongues along with them, are much faster than the brain itself! We live in a world where you can think anything you want, but hey, not everything should be shared as if it’s not for the global well being, peace, equality above all and we’ll add world harmony! We all want that, right?!

The View hosts were discussing Donald Trump‘s controversial remarks about immigrants, when Kelly popped out the question:

“If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilets, Donald Trump?”


Well, what did the writer wanted to say with that? Interesting point of view revealed! She immediately was slammed on Twitter for her racist remark. Right after she wrote:

“I want to start by saying I ALWAYS take responsibility for my actions. In this particular case I will take responsibility for my poor choice of words but I will not apologize for being a racist as I am NOT.” 

“I whole-hearted f—ked up today. I don’t want to bulls—t anyone with lame excuses. Although, I was stopped mid-sentence by Rosie and couldn’t finish my point I will not let Rosie take responsibility for my words.” 

Well Kelly, what can we say, except you sure did f***ed up today! See, sometimes sh*t happen, and they can happen to anyone. And now they happened to you. Now what?

The background of her words we’re all aware of, but hey, what about freedom of speech, where did it disappear? Should we judge her or should this statement make us think a bit?

For now … lets just think.

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