Justin Bieber’s celebrity FRIENDS say “What do you mean?”

It’s all about FAMOUS FRIENDS in the music industry now! WHO will publicly support you and stand by your side! Seems like JUSTIN BIEBER has figured it out big times! He goes big even before the release and seems like it’s working out pretty well for him.

Beliebers be ready, cause Justin’s new album is on it’s way … The drop date is November 13th.

We present you Justin’s CELEBRITY BELIEBERS:

#16days – Fifth Harmony

  #17days – Ed Sheeran

#18days – Little Mix


#19days – Big Sean


#22days – Ariana Grande


#24days - Shaquille O’Neal aka SHAQ *calling him BEIBER :)) But hey, its all good!

Justin-bieber-Shaq-shaquille o'neal-what-do-you-mean-beliebers-lifepopper-new-album-2015-release-trending-celebrity-friends

#25days – Kylie Jenner


The counting continues …

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