Russia BLOCKS Wikipedia over some CANNABIS link?!

First there was Reddit over some psychedelic mushrooms and now time has come for Russia to block Wikipedia over some “charas” – Indian handmade form of hashish. 

That’s right, if they block every single drug page on the net, maybe Russian people wont even know what drugs are …


They requested ISPs to take the entire Wikipedia site offline for Russia until the link is completely removed. The move could lead to complete inaccessibility to the Russian-language version of Wikipedia, since it uses a protected protocol that does not allow blocking separate pages on the same site.


Since President Vladimir Putin returned to the Kremlin in 2012, Russia has passed legislation banning sites that contain child pornography, drug-related or militant material, or which advocate suicide.

The site’s developers posted a black banner at the top of the webpage on Monday evening saying the website could be blocked “in the near future”. When it comes to Russia and cases like this, “near future” might not be so near …

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