5 “HEALTH” foods that are NOT SO HEALTHY for you

Healthy body starts with following healthy habits. Latest products tend to add additional value to the fast lifestyle we all are experiencing nowadays. The stores are offering millions of healthy varieties that we all consume on a daily basis. When we hear: oats, energy bars, fat-free products etc. we think of healthy food. But is it true? The truth lays on the back of the product. READ LABELS. They will tell you what you eat.

We present 5 products that are incorporated in that “healthy” crew:



If you think about this “healthy” breakfast, the mix of oats, nuts and dried fruits seems so good and nutritional. What is missing is the high amount of sugar and extra calories they actually contain, opposite the fiber that is lacking in this meal. The truth is that a bowl of granola contains around 500 calories, not counting the milk. Reason plus to start reading labels! They will tell you the exact amount of its nutritional value, that can guide you on how much you include this in your eating life schedule.

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