How to get FAT out of FAT PEOPLE?

OBESITY is a problem! It’s not a state of mind, it’s NOT something that needs to be neglected, NO, it needs to be faces up and fight against! What is the right way to do it? Is there any progress in these everyday fights? Is the percentage of obese people falling down? 

Here is Nicole Arbour presenting her way in fighting obesity, the brutal way. The video is called “Dear Fat People”

Is this maybe the way? Do you approve it? If this is wrong, what will your fight against obesity be like?


In terms of fighting FAT, our advice’s if you’re a TRUE FRIEND will be:

1. Don’t take them to a pizza place, take them to THE GYM!

2. Don’t say how skinny they look in those big BAGGIE BLACK PANTS, instead say how HOT they will look in TIGHT WHITE JEANS!

3. Tell them every day how they need to loose weight, even if they get mad at you, cause at the end they’ll be thanking YOU!


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