MAN models FALL too!

Ok, we all know that female models fall on the runway all the time, and we can understand that cause of the fact that they usually are up on 16+ high heelsBut most of them fall showing BIG style!

catwalks_falls_and_fails_when-models-fall-lifepopper-laughing-time-fun-stuff-2 catwalks_falls_and_fails_when-models-fall-lifepopper-laughing-time-fun-stuff-8 catwalks_falls_and_fails_when-models-fall-lifepopper-laughing-time-fun-stuff-9 catwalks_falls_and_fails_when-models-fall-lifepopper-laughing-time-fun-stuff-7 catwalks_falls_and_fails_when-models-fall-lifepopper-laughing-time-fun-stuff-3 catwalks_falls_and_fails_when-models-fall-lifepopper-laughing-time-fun-stuff-6 catwalks_falls_and_fails_when-models-fall-lifepopper-laughing-time-fun-stuff-1

But how about when MAN model falls on its behind … See how it looks like:

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