Be the Queen of HALLOWEEN!

October is the month of Halloween. Creative masks, scary make-up art and tons of fun. This year get out of the box, get busy and prepare for it on time!

No princess this year, step up your game and be the freaky QUEEN of HALLOWEEN! Here is the starting point …

Cracked-Doll-Makeup-ideas-for-halloween-2015-fashionista-lifepopper-scary-mask-9 Cracked-Doll-Makeup-ideas-for-halloween-2015-fashionista-lifepopper-scary-mask-8 Cracked-Doll-Makeup-ideas-for-halloween-2015-fashionista-lifepopper-scary-mask-7 Cracked-Doll-Makeup-ideas-for-halloween-2015-fashionista-lifepopper-scary-mask-6 Cracked-Doll-Makeup-ideas-for-halloween-2015-fashionista-lifepopper-scary-mask-1 Cracked-Doll-Makeup-ideas-for-halloween-2015-fashionista-lifepopper-scary-mask-3 Cracked-Doll-Makeup-ideas-for-halloween-2015-fashionista-lifepopper-scary-mask-4 Cracked-Doll-Makeup-ideas-for-halloween-2015-fashionista-lifepopper-scary-mask-2

Here you can find some Sexy Halloween ideas, and here if you’re into some more Scary Halloween MAKE-UP ideas … 

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