CHINA and everything is possible! Instead of designer branded and expensive hair accessories China offers cheep plastic decorations that comes in shape of vegetables, fruit and flowers.


This trend actually started few months ago with just a humble bean clipped to the hair, that was kind of a mute protest against the gray, stressed environment of the city. A small start that looked cute to the China fashionista’s that embraced the trend and elevated on another level with sunflowers, chrysanthemums, lavender, mushrooms, chilies, cherries and more veggies.

Check them out …

hair-clip-hair-china-fashion-weird-lifepopper-street-style-3 hair-clip-hair-china-fashion-weird-lifepopper-street-style-4 hair-clip-hair-china-fashion-weird-lifepopper-street-style-5 hair-clip-hair-china-fashion-weird-lifepopper-street-style-6 hair-clip-hair-china-fashion-weird-lifepopper-street-style-1


We get the point while this was a message sending love to the nature, confronting difficult and gray times we all live in, BUT turning it into a trend?! Seriously?

Hey, it’s cheap and plastic by the way and now it actually makes sense when they say: MADE IN CHINA! 

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