Wanna live a HAPPY LIFE?

Time for some positive thoughts … Sit down, relax and think for a second …

What is the meaning of life?
What is the purpose of living?

What is the secret behind LIVING A HAPPY LIFE?

Everyday we meet new challenges, big or small, happy or sad. For example:

We get affected by the weather! Oh it’s rainy outside, I hate the rain. Or, it’s so sunny and hot, when is winter coming? Wait, wait its winter and its snowing, your feet are freezing, your nose is runny, where is that warm summer when you need it …

All seasons are part of life. Sun gives you Vitamin D and makes your skin darker and tanned. Winter gives you snowflakes and allows you to make graceful snow-angels. When it rains you show off with your colorful umbrella and you dance in those fancy boots of yours. IT’S ALL FUN!

enjoy_the_rain_the-weather-positive-lifepopper-thoughts-for-a-greaday snow-angel-enjoy_the-weather-positive-lifepopper-thoughts-for-a-greaday

So stop whining and START ENJOYING everyday, every season, every single moment …

Enjoying the sun

We get in touch with “negative” people! Negative is such a strong word, so we’ll just say people that are a little ‘different’ from us! That is why we have to surround ourselves with good people, in terms of positive ones, that embrace life to its fullest and cherish friendship, good vibes, great talks and enlighten the world with their big smiles. Life is too short to spend it with anyone less than that.

thoughts-for-life-positive-people-lifepopper-for-a-greaday thoughts-for-life-positive-people-lifepopper-for-a-greaday-1

Don’t let the music that plays from your soul lower down, oh no, do the opposite, turn it UP! Keep on smiling and carry on.


We had a bad day! So what! Head up, chin up also, and keep on going forward. Tomorrow is a new day. The sun will rise again, so don’t bother thinking about yesterday and bring your A-game today. Ups and downs are all part of life. We all rise but when we fall the rise will get us stronger, wiser, tougher!

So instead of being afraid falling, be brave to stand up straight and strive for victory again and again.

When your mindset is not on set, no need to be upset, just click reset and enjoy the sunset …

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