Dream Catcher Inspired Decor

Life is a dream. A beautiful dream happening to you right here and right now. Fulfill it, embrace it, enrich it. Dream up and don’t be afraid to dream big. Everything your heart desires can be yours only if you dream it strong enough.Dream with your thoughts, with your heart and most of all with your spirit. Let it run free through the fields of Fantasyland, across the colorful flowers underneath the rainbow, together with the butterflies driven by the song of happiness … Never stop dreaming …

In honor of celebrating dreams we present you some pretty awesome dream catcher inspired designs:

Dreamcatcher-inspired-objects-in-real-life-lifepopper-fun-stuff-1 Dreamcatcher-inspired-objects-in-real-life-lifepopper-fun-stuff-18Dreamcatcher-inspired-objects-in-real-life-lifepopper-fun-stuff-15

Dreamcatcher-inspired-objects-in-real-life-lifepopper-fun-stuff-16 Dreamcatcher-inspired-objects-in-real-life-lifepopper-fun-stuff-14 Dreamcatcher-inspired-objects-in-real-life-lifepopper-fun-stuff-13

More dream creations on the next page …

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