Love is in the air. It’s all around us, it’s in all of us. We cannot see it, we cannot touch it, we can just feel it. Just like Love, HAPPINESS is in the air, everywhere. It’s in the sun, in the wind, in all little things visible and invisible for the human eye. It comes from our heart, our thoughts, our way of seeing, breathing and living life.


It’s what you choose in life. This might sound as a silly question, bet let me ask you this: If you have the ability to choose between living a HAPPY life, full of happy unforgettable moments, smiley faces and a peaceful soul, or living an UNHAPPY life, colorless, grumpy and blank, what will your choice be?

Easy question you will say. Yes, indeed, it’s an easy one, but how many of you truly choose and actually live a happy life?


First, let’s define happiness. What is happiness? Wealth, latest gadgets, endless shopping, cars and all those material things that money can buy, or health, family, friends, freedom of mind and spirit, nature, sun, air, love and all those immaterial things that money can’t buy?

What are your priorities in life? Working all day and night to fill that bottomless wallet or a quality spent time with your family? Wasted time on your little iPhone, tablet or any other modern gadget or a walk in the park with your best friend? Hatred towards Monday mornings cause of some unfulfilling job, or achieving and living your dreams?



You have to make that choice for yourself. This is something that other people cannot do instead of you. YOU choose to be happy. So from today make some wise choices and start the day in a positive manner. Smile at the sun and be grateful for all the things you have in your life. Enjoy the nature, read some good book, share a smile and celebrate life to its fullest. You only have one. Learn how to live it right.




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