Explore and Enjoy LIFE

How is life? Everything good and cozy or maybe a little boring and mediocre? Did the monotony of life already got you? Does every day look the same, like you’re reliving all over and over again? Same places, same people, same food … i mean come on, same drinks too? Where is the excitement, the fun the pleasure of the unknown, the unseen, the exclusiveness of our presence in this body, on this planet that offers so many different fruits to taste?

The answer is simple, you just have to follow the Double-E Life Game:



The world and the nature have so many different, exciting things and places to offer, so when you once start, you wont know where to begin. Start with the one that sounds intriguing, that will set your fantasy on fire. I am not saying to start and search the world straight away, but maybe exploring your own country will be a hell of a good starting point.

Make a map, set some target points and let the journey begin. Glorious mountains, fast rivers and calm lakes, big trees, rainbow flowers and breathtaking views will be just a small part of it. A true feast for all senses that will feed your soul. The only question you might ask yourself might be: ‘Why didn’t I start this journey earlier?’ Don’t let that discourage you. The only important thing is that you are finally on the right path of life.

Explore it! The world is waiting for you!



Life is like a roller-coaster ride. Sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down. The best thing about it is that the ride continues, no stopping, no breaks in between. It’s up to you if you close your eyes during the ride or spread your arms wide open and scream out as loud as you can. Life on it’s own is not about the destination but be sure that is all about the adventurous journey and the mystery in every single turn we make.

So expand with joy. Meet some new people, make new friends, spread your horizons, hear other opinions, share the energy. No more 5$ for a cheap bottle of wine, no, no. Appreciate yourself and your taste a bit more and have some high quality wine. Expand your palates. Pizza, pasta, potatoes, uh maybe next time. How about some sushi, tasty burritos with spicy salsa or a delicious paella? Do not fear the unknown, on the contrary, embrace it with open heart. Try doing a pole dance or how about dancing the romantic bachata. Take the first ride to fun-town and Enjoy every second of it.


 Hey, it’s only life happening.. Right here and right now.

Still here? Get up and start your journey today! BON VOYAGE! 

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