Christmas VOW

There is something magical about Christmas. The mood is different, the people … the joy. There are some magical particles in the air, spreading love and happiness everywhere. Everybody is doing some serious shopping, to wear, to prepare, to give away. Gifts are rapped, the Christmas tree is big and shiny and the family gathers.


May this Christmas bring you HEALTH, cause its the first thing to take care of .. everything else can be done if you have your health.

Let there be LAUGH, cause smile is half health. So if you wanna be healthy and happy, put that big smile on your pretty face.

Spread LOVE, cause love is all you need. We humans are love beings, so don’t fight nature, just release and let love warm your heart.

Spend more time with your FAMILY, cause family time is precious. Give away strong hugs and share some of your incredible life stories.

Make quality time for your FRIENDS. By that we mean no social media friend time, no no, quality time by spending real face to face time.

And at the end, take some quality time for YOU. Loose up from those everyday tasks you have and relax. Indulge yourself with some massage or a relaxing spa, or maybe with both of them. Have a walk, go on a trip, read a book and do some reflecting time. Love yourself.



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