How to make 2016 the Life-Changing Year?

It’s the beginning of year 2016. All of us prepare for new starts, new challenges on the way, new decisions and life changes. Last year is way behind us, but the new one has already started. So, wrap those sleeves up and get busy. If you want things done than you have to become the ultimate manager of your own life, of your most precious resource – your time. So the first step of this journey called 2016 will be PLANNING! Set those goals of yours, set milestones, get your wishes realized. For an example …

Wish No.1: This year I’m gonna look as HOT & Smoky SEXY as ever! So wish number 1 is stated. Now its time to set those small month to month, day to day steps you have to take in order to achieve the wanted.


1. You are what you eat, so make some readjustments in the grocery list that you follow every week. Replace the frozen food, fast food, junky food with lots and lots of healthy fruits and vegetables, fresh fish and cereals.

2. Sign up for a year long membership in the gym! No escape this time. Once your IN, prepare to get SLIM! It will take away ALL your negative energy AND fill you with positiveness, calmness and inner peace.

3. At the tip of the cake is the cherry of course, so prepare for some serious shopping! Once you start getting in that sexy shape, you will need some clothe-adaptation! 

Wish No.2: This year I’m gonna do some serious TRAVELING!


1.Pick a destination.

2. Set the time.

3. Save some money.

What did you think, that this was going to be so hard? Well you’re wrong. Its as simple as that. World destinations, here we come! 

Wish No.3: This year I’m gonna find the love of my life!


If you truly want love to enter your life, you have to get ready for it! If you’re not prepared, than it just might skip you again this time. But you don’t want that, do you .. Set your mind, spirit and most important – your heart FREE! Open it widely and just enjoy. When your spirit is set on the love-meter, than your aura is attracting and reflecting love-vibes that extremely spread in the air around you. Flirt and Seduce. Meet new people, spread positivity and most of all BE OPEN FOR LOVE! 

Make this year – YOUR YEAR!

Changes in life come to those that are ready to embrace them. So this year LOVE more, LAUGH louder and LIVE FREE! You set the rules, you achieve the goals, you make your wishes come true. Your LIFE – your WAY! 

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