World SMILE Day

Did you know that today is the World SMILE Day? You didn’t?? Well of course you didn’t, cause it’s not :) The official date last year, when the most precious thing in the world – the SMILE – was celebrated, was on 2nd of October 2015. This year its on 7th of October.


World-smile-day-lifepopper-positive-thought-of-the-day-motivational-quotes-words-of-wisdom-happy-smiley-face-4The World’s first Smile Day was held in 1999 and it’s celebrated annually since then. It is initiated by Harvey Ball, known as the person that created the Smiley Face. It is celebrated on the first Friday in the month of October every year. Hm hm, you know how they say, Friday = Funday and plus if it’s a Smile Day, well how can you go wrong on that..


But hey, who needs a ‘Smile Celebration’ when you can have it every day?

So SMILE Today, tomorrow and every other day in the year, cause the smile is the sexiest curve on your entire body.



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