Alphabet of Life – The Real Life Manual

Life is a gift that has been given to us. It’s a gift that doesn’t come with a manual, a described way of using it the right way. So, we’re all left on our own, to set our paths and try to live life as we like to live or more probably as the society impose us, as we should live it!

But are we happy with the way our life is going right now? Can we set another pattern so we can incorporate our dreams, wishes and ways that we would actually like to live our lives? Yes there is!

It is an honor to present youThe Real Life Manual’. Simple, Short, and Sweet Audio Book that might change your life forever. It’s a way to give your life meaning, to move from that safe place of yours and turn life into a living adventure! We present you:

Alphabet of Life - lifepopper photo

We put meaning in every letter of the alphabet, that line that we learned when we were young and now a little different version of it that we should learn it by heart.

Listen to a preview of what Letter H represents:

Are you intrigued? Do you want to hear the rest of the Life Manual ALPHABET?

If so, then write us on our e-mail: and we will send you the details about the transfer and of course a copy of the book so you can play it, learn it, live it! 

The cost for this transfer is only $1,99. A small tribute for a sweet book! Thank you in advance and hope to hear your comments on it!

Hey, it’s only life happening … now! 

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