Outside vs Inside BEAUTY

Beauty is all around us. Beauty comes from you and it glows from me. It creates the magic all around us that create the connections in one magnificent circle called life. With the change of time, beauty takes different shapes and sizes but its core stays the same.

Today, would you say that outside is more powerful than inside beauty?

We will all agree that the entire world is gathered and it turns around OUTSIDE BEAUTY! Cosmetic surgeries, fillers, silicone’s, make up that changes your entire face till you not look like the real you etc. Instead of accepting what God gave you, you are embraced in a time when the first thing that you think of is change to a “better” look, read the “exposed – overrated – most wanted” look! From big to bigger, to the biggest. From asses to breasts, to lips, tattooed eyebrows, to thin waist … Everything but the real you!

Makeup was made to accent some features that you love, and now it makes us something that we’re not! Example:


Its everything but you. right … Don’t you ever forget that comes a time when make up falls down and then comes out the real beautiful natural you. That is the one you should cherish and take care of, cause that is the real you that other people love and enjoy spending time with.

And yes, the throne belongs to the INNER BEAUTY! You can have the most outstanding, eye-catching made up facade on you, but the real beauty comes from inside. It comes from your heart, from your soul, it shines from your smile and glows through your eyes. You cannot put a make up on it. You simply are who you really are. So instead of wasting hours on changing your outer look, work on your character, read some book, do what makes you happy and LOVE THE REAL YOU. If you truly love and respect yourself then it will spread around like the air, and everyone around you will breath in your beauty and have nothing but LOVE towards you.


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