LOVE LIFE Everyday

LIFE – how fragile that sounds. Today you are here and the next day … well who knows what the next day will bring. The only thing that you can actually do is to live your life. Do the things that bring joy and happiness to you and enjoy every moment and breath you take. Always transmit positive energy and fill your soul with optimism and peace.


These past few days my country has been hit by a series of earthquakes, bigger and smaller.  People are still in panic cause as we have after parties, the nature also has aftershocks. Sleepless nights, fear and anxiety are becoming everyday life. As frighten it may sound, there is always a positive side of it. This natural disaster brought people together! Families gathered at one place, discussing, crying and laughing together. Neighbors are helping each other. It is a living proof that disasters bring people together!

So, lets stop for a second and think it through. Do we actually need unhappy moments, accidents and disasters to make us cherish life a little bit more? Do we need nature to tell us that we should spread love everywhere and to love life that we are given? 

Let this natural disaster be only a reminder that life is fragile! We should Love Life! We should have our wings wide spread and our lungs filled with air mixed with freedom and joy. We should always wear the biggest smile on our faces and peace in our soul.

Lets not wait for something bad to happen to start spreading love and loving life as it is …


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