Are we taking LIFE for granted?

Have you ever wondered about life … Is life an everyday routine that we perform day by day till the very end, or an incredible adventure set in front of us? Are we taking life for granted and spend our days just as plain and ordinary, not paying attention for the hidden treasures that surround us, or are we living our fullest potential through exploring, learning, traveling … actual living?


It moves on with every breathe we take. Time flies by and as we look back we’ll see that it does not walk slowly, no no, it runs like a pro athlete. You don’t have to reflect upon your entire life; for a start just think about your last year. Was it remarkable, incredible and full of fun and exceptional moments? If not, why not? What stopped you from doing those crazy things that will raise your spirit, set your mind free and elevate your soul into a higher state?

live-life-no-regrets-lifepopper-life-is-alive-words-of-wisdomQuestions are answered, the mystery is solved.

Its time to stop the plain and catch the first plane.

No more hiding when its time for riding.

Plan an adventure and take a walk in the worldwide nature.

LIVE LIVE LIVE … Live now – Live wow! Don’t take life for granted, so when you grow old you’ll have stories to tell and you’ll know that you lived more than well. Don’t let time pass you by, stand up cause its time to fly. Oh yeah, you can feel the rhyme in the air today :)

 Never forget … In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take!

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