Time to say THANKS to 2016

January have landed. Its officially 2017. New year, new mornings, fresh start. Time to speed up the tempo and catch up with the new rhythm of life. Well its not new, but come on, you have to give some credits to the new year that’s in front of us. Memories made in the last one we pack into small memory bags in our mind and we clean up some room for some new, bigger, better and crazier ones.

Before we begin, I think its fair to stop for a second (ok, for a minute) and say THANKS. Thanks to year 2016.


Thank you for being good to me. Thanks for giving me new days, sunny moments, unforgettable adventures and most of all crazy funny awesome stuff to be proud of.

The brightest, happiest, most gorgeous moment for me in year 2016, was the birth of my first child, my biggest treasure in life, my son. Trust me when I say that there isn’t anything possible or impossible in life that can take the pedestal from that moment when I first held my own flesh and blood, my one and only, my dearest in my hands and call it my child. The moment when I told him how much he means to me and most of all how much I LOVE HIM.

Now life has new meaning. One chapter has been closed and a new one has been opened. Every moment and every memory made till now has a special place in my heart, and even the tiniest as well as the greatest one has made me the person I am today. This 2016 will be one of those chosen ones that opened a new page, or let me say a new chapter that continues my life path but a little different one, higher and wider one. May God bless this past 2016 and lead us all the way in the new improved 2017. Let there be health, happiness and lots of hugs among us. Remember that family comes first, no matter what.

Now how about you … What is your biggest THANKS to the previous year 2016? What was your moment of glory? What left a mark on you that will last and last forever?

Time to say BYE 2016 and a BIG HELLO to 2017. Hey new year, be great, be awesome, be f***ing UNFORGETTABLE OK ;) I, for sure will take care of that … Bet my word!

All of you out there, dont just sit and do nothing … go on and be FABULOUS! Time to make 2017 the YEAR of OUR LIVES! 

By B

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