Let’s LOSE that extra WEIGHT!

Hello Monday. The season of holidays, tasty feasts and delicious dinner gatherings are officially over. A perfect day to start a new chapter of your Book called Life. Time to lose those extra pounds around your belly, thighs, arms … oh wait they’re everywhere! I know that is keeping you warm in these cold winter days but come on, the time has come, and it’s right here and right now!


Lets start by doing this:

1. Measure up! Get on that scale and write the number down. Don’t be afraid of it, its yours. So instead of crying over it, let it be your motivation trigger. Remember, its only a starting point. From this number you will start to change your life 4 forever.

2. Set up a GOAL! What is your ideal weight? Like every race that has a starting point it has to have an ending goal too. So let this be the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’.

3. Set up this equation: Fridge = Friend! Get rid of all unnecessary ‘goodies’ (that actually get you bad, since they put you in this situation), and arm the fridge with all necessary quality food that will help you get fit in no time! The ratio of eating to workout is 80/20, so lets say that this number 80 is pretty important. Fruits and vegetables, fish, meat and eggs, whole grains and nuts should be number one on your shopping list.

4. W-A-T-E-R! Allow this gift from God be beside you all the time. Do you have a bottle full with water while you are reading this? No! Then what are you waiting for, go and get one! Let the bottle be right beside you all the time. That way, you will not even think about it, and yet you will drink of it during the entire day. Remember this: Water is crucial to losing weight (among million of other benefits that water gives your body)!

5. Good luck! 

ps. Don’t forget to workout! 


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