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LOVE LIFE Everyday


LIFE – how fragile that sounds. Today you are here and the next day … well who knows what the next day will bring. The only thing that you can actually do is to live your life. Do the things that bring joy and happiness to you and enjoy every moment and breath you take. Always transmit positive energy and ...

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Enjoy the rain


Rain. Smells like freshness, feels like love. Is there any other weather that sounds like this .. peaceful and calm? Cold outside but warm in the soul? How can you not love the rain, when there are so many reasons for love? Here are some …

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National READ a BOOK Day


Hey ya book lovers … Seems like today is your day, since its National READ A BOOK Day. Time to get that great book of yours and read it in honor of this day. On August 9th, we all celebrate National Book Lovers day, while today is the actual reading day.

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Cute Watermelon Fashion


There is nothing more melon like a tasty watermelon in summer. Full with water, low in calories … Brings down the thirst, and lowers the hunger for other goodies. Can it get any better than that? Well, lets cover up in some awesome watermelon style …

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Trendy swim cover ups


Well hello dear lovely summer … Oh where have you been all my life. Time for the beach, party, fun, and oh yeah … lots and lots of fabulous sexy fashion! Swimwear is on and then how about some cool cover up as a finishing touch for your style! Here are some starting points …

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Outside vs Inside BEAUTY


Beauty is all around us. Beauty comes from you and it glows from me. It creates the magic all around us that create the connections in one magnificent circle called life. With the change of time, beauty takes different shapes and sizes but its core stays the same. Today, would you say that outside is more powerful than inside beauty?

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