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Life = Destiny?


Do you believe in destiny or your path is a consequence of your own choices? Is our future written somewhere in the stars? Does God has a certain path drawn for us that we are bound to walk?

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Strawberry & Arugula SALAD


Time to add strawberries at your daily menu. We go healthy but funky at the same time with this simple & fabulous salad. Try to make it, and trust me as high the simplicity of making is, the same level the greetings to the Chef will be!

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Wild Wild West PARTY


Lets go WEST! By west I mean Western mi amigos! It’s time for party, and not just any party, but WILD WILD WEST PARTY! Get your cowboy groove on and let the party begin! The preps are easy and quick, so don’t forget to enjoy every step of it!

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Choose the perfect surrounding, the mood is on, everything on place …. and snap-shot. Picture is done. But, sometimes, rare but still happening, the picture becomes more than perfect. It’s the time when time worked for you and not the opposite!

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Today is DANCE day! Let me reframe it, not only today, let EVERYDAY be your dance day! Dance is the cure for the soul, a natural drive of the heart, makes your body moves, rises you up! Dancing brings people together and stimulates positive energy. Doesn’t mind if you are a professional dancer or just a dance lover, cause dance ...

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When STATUES get interesting

Funny-pictures-peopleand statues-5

Statues here, statues there, statues everywhere! You know you have picture with everyone of them, but some guys take this type of photography very seriously. Creative or mad, this is some serious laughing Statue material. See for yourself why … Go to next page for some more …

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Ocean inspired, see desired … NAUTICAL FASHION is always present! From the streets to the beach, the mixture of blue-red-white stripes never fades out. The moment you put them on you feel the ocean breeze in your soul.

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One of the best man look, if not the actual TOP LOOK is the DOLCE&GABBANA trend, as I like to call it a fashion for the REAL MAN around! I’m not talking only about the clothes, but also about the complete styling!

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MET GALA 2014 Glamour


New York City was the capital of red carpet fashion this Monday (May 5), where the breathtaking glamour walked through the Metropolitan Museum of Art regarding the 2014 Met Gala event.

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Manolo Blahnik MAGIC


Manolo Blahnik presented for the first time its new collection Fall/Winter 2014-2015 at Paul Kasmin Gallery (the ex-home of the night club Bungalow 8) during the New York Fashion Week.

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